Flexible and practical, Dycem products can be used throughout your home. Even use in the office, and when enjoying your favourite hobby.

Dycem at home

Dycem’s non-slip products can simplify daily household tasks. The non-slip material provides unbeatable grip, making them a must-have within a busy kitchen. Great for home baking with the family. The Dycem mats hold chopping boards. mixing bowls and blenders firmly in place.

  • Stabilise food processors and blenders.
  • For those tough jars and bottles in the kitchen, try Dycem’s jar and bottle opener. Your grip is maximised thanks to the unique grip bars, and a tight seal when closing is ensured. Use on door knobs and taps as well.
  • Try wrapping Dycem self-adhesive strips around clothes hangers to stop your clothing from slipping to the floor.
  • The possibilities are endless!

Dycem placemats are great when dining.

Place them in kitchen draws, cabinets and on shelves, and never worry about utensils or glassware sliding again.

Dycem non-slip coasters will keep your drinks in place and help prevent slipping and tipping over.

Use Dycem non-slip mats to prevent appliances from sliding.