Never worry about things falling or sliding back and forth in your vehicle again!

Thanks to the unique gripping properties of our Dycem non-slip material, your items are sure to be held in place for the duration of your journey. Dycem can even grip items up to 45 degrees!

In the car

  • Available in a range of sizes and colours, Dycem non-slip mats are perfect for your car dashboard. They easily grip to any flat or curved surface, so simply put them in place and say goodbye to items sliding around whilst driving.
  • Use Dycem non-slip reel or netting in the car boot to prevent large or fragile items from sliding back and forth whilst the car is moving, as well as protecting the boot interior from scratches and tears. You can even use it to transport your pets. Simply cut to fit. .

Dycem non-slip mats can be used when preparing and serving food, as well as gripping items in the fridge; they will prevent any movement and spillages during transit.

Great for mobile phones, keys, your Sat Nav and even larger items – Dycem allows you to focus on the road.

Use your mobile phone safely and hands-free whilst driving with Dycem non-slip mats.

Ensure games and activities are kept still whilst on long journeys!

Caravans and RV’s

Dycem non-slip material is a must-have for larger vehicles such as caravans and trailers. After using Dycem on your car dashboard, the additional uses are endless.

  • Dycem non-slip reel material is extremely flexible and can be easily cut to the required shape or size. Place it on surfaces and on the floor to keep furniture, appliances and smaller items secure. Mobility within your vehicle will then become easier.
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