Dycem products are indispensable for independent living, occupational therapy and care-giving.

Independent Living

Independent living and self-sufficiency are easier to achieve thanks to Dycem. With it's high grip properties, Dycem products can greatly improve stability, positioning and a weakened grip.

Dycem non-slip products can be used throughout the home to carry out daily living tasks. For those with muscle weakness, moving through your home becomes easier with Dycem.

Kitchen and Dining

Use Dycem non-slip coasters and placemats to hold cutlery in place and say goodbye to any unwanted spillages or breakages.

  • Dycem non-slip mats allow you to use one hand when preparing food.
  • The mats can go under mixing bowls, chopping boards and food graters, keeping them secure on the counter. Placing Dycem beneath a belli-clamp or electric tin opener will prevent them slipping on the table.
  • Use Dycem non-slip mats and coasters on the dining table or in a serving tray. This will keep your plates, cups and cutlery secure.
  • To improve stability, try placing Dycem underneath your dining chair to prevent slipping.

Around the home

  • Dycem’s non-slip Nose over Toes floor mat can be placed on the floor in front of armchairs and sofas to aid with the correct positioning for going from sit to stand.
  • In your bedroom, use Dycem non-slip mats on your dressing table to keep items secure.
  • Dycem can be used to stop pillows slipping under a backrest.

Wrap Dycem non-slip strips around grip bars, grab rails and zimmer frame handles for a more comfortable non-slip grip.

Open tight jar lids and bottle tops with ease using the Dycem Jar and Bottle Openers.They are also handy for turning stubborn taps and round door handles.

Also try placing underneath your chair seat and on a lap tray, to prevent any slipping.

If you experience balance problems, a Dycem floor mat will help you keep your footing. Available in a myriad of attractive colours, it is especially useful on a laminate floor.

In the work place or home office

  • Keep your stationery and small items secure with Dycem non-slip mats. Dycem mats are also great under items such as your telephone and keyboards to prevent them sliding on the desk.
  • Dycem self-adhesive strips can be wrapped around pens to make writing easier and more comfortable.
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