Great with musical instruments; Dycem’s unique non-slip material ensures a steady grip.


  • Dycem non-slip mats can be used to prevent the movement of piano pedals or the movement of the piano itself. Dycem reels can also be cut to size to hold sheets of music in place.


  • Dycem is the perfect choice for keeping bagpipes gripped to the spot.
  • Covers made of velveteen or corduroy can cause slipping, but by affixing a piece of Dycem non-slip reel material to the outside and inside of the bag cover, slippage becomes a thing of the past.

Use the Cello Mat for bass end pins and say goodbye to worrying about strings around chair legs.

Small and compact, the Dycem black hole cello mat can be carried around in your pocket.

Drummers love Dycem. Effectively stop foot pedals and drums from sliding on smooth floors by placing a Dycem non-slip mat or piece of Dycem reel on the ground.

Why not try some Dycem to stabilize objects like photo frames on top of your piano?

Cello/Double Bass

  • The Dycem Black Hole Cello Mat is a best-seller and a cellist must-have. This compact cello mat uses our non-slip technology to keep instruments in place during a performance. The non-slip material prevents slipping on all surfaces.
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