Dycem non-slip products are perfect for all your industry needs.

Non-slip products can be used in a variety of industrial environments including workshops, laboratories and factories.

  • Dycem products are endorsed with a Biomaster antimicrobial additive providing a hygienic surface .
  • Non-slip products are excellent at absorbing vibration.
  • Fantastic for use on electronic assemblers when gripping small components.
  • Great for preventing the movement of vials, syringes and tools.
  • And come in handy to ensure precision instruments and Chemo Pads are stable.

Bespoke Options

With an exceptionally high coefficient of friction, Dycem products are ideal for incorporating into product designs and are used by many OEMs.

Dycem can offer bespoke options to suit your manufacturing processes or your end product. Please contact us to discuss bespoke sizes, shapes and colours.

Dycem has the ability to print high resolution images onto the non- slip mats combining functionality with corporate promotional opportunities.

Non-Slip mats can also be printed with an image or message to help aid operators during manufacturing and assembly.

Dycem has a range of self-adhesive discs, panels and strips designed to improve production and add value to finished products. With a strong hold, the discs prevent unwanted movement, especially on angled surfaces.

Case Studies

Ardet Gibbs

Drink up is a versatile, hands-free drinking and oral rehydration self-help system. When Ardet Gibbs were developing the new ‘Drinkup’ product they were looking for an effective non-slip base so that the unit would not slide on a table. They chose Dycem Self-adhesive discs as the most effective way of holding the unit in place. Each Drink-up unit has four discs attached to the base of the unit.


Canon were looking for a bespoke non-slip mat to be printed with a USB icon to aid operators during the manufacturing process, they chose Dycem due to its versatility and performance.


DIAMOND WHETSTONE™ Bench Models are designed for the shop bench or kitchen counter and are one of the leading products for diamond polishing. All Whestones include a bespoke DMT printed assistive grip mat to prevent the Whetstone moving during polishing.


Olympus were looking for an easy opening device to give to their customers as an aid to opening their vials. Their tests of the Dycem bottle opener were so successful that they have ordered for their facilities in France, Germany and Ireland.


Sony now uses Dycem reel material extensively in the Camera Division, finding that it has significantly reduced cosmetic defects by preventing any unwanted movement during assembly. An additional benefit is that its high tack surface traps particles from solder and assembly cutting, so that these can then be easily removed without threat to the assembly.

Product Spotlight

Dycem Reels

A major European electronics company was suffering a high percentage of rejects during ceramic slicing procedure. The ceramic moved very slightly during the cutting process, despite the use of a vacuum table. A simple but effective solution was found with Dycem Reels, which were perforated to align with the holes in the vacuum table. The result: a dramatic improvement in product quality and yield.

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