Assisting you from kitchen to dining room, Dycem products are an essential aid to the catering industry.

In the Kitchen

Our non-slip material will make running your kitchen effortless. Thanks to Dycem’s unique gripping properties, breakages and spillages will be a thing of the past.

  • Dycem products are endorsed with a Biomaster antimicrobial additive for a safer and more hygienic kitchen.
  • Cover large areas in drawers, on shelves and on worktops using our Dycem reel, ensuring your items are gripped to the spot. Reels can be cut to size and are easily moulded, making them very flexible for a wide range of uses.
  • Hold items such as mixing bowls and chopping boards in place when preparing food.
  • Easy to transfer and remove
  • Simply wipe clean using our Dycem cleaning wipes.
  • Available in a range of bright colours, patterns and sizes to make your products look stylish in the kitchen.


Serving at events becomes simpler with Dycem:

Line serving trays and catering trolleys to transport food and drink easily.

Dycem’s secure non-slip surface grips items up to 58° angles!

At the bar, easily unscrew bottles and jars with Dycem non-slip bottle and jar openers.

Dycem non-slip placemats firmly grip table surfaces, making them perfect for arranging plates, glasses and cutlery for guests.


Serve food and drink at events with no worry of spillages – and promote your brand at the same time. With Dycem branding, your corporate style becomes visible to all at your event through placemats, coasters and tray liners printed with your company logo.

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