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Non-Slip Bottle Openers

Open any bottle with ease

The Dycem non-slip bottle opener allows you to effortlessly unscrew tough bottle tops. It even works with those pesky ‘push down and twist’ bottles! Your grip is maximised thanks to the unique grip bars, and a tight seal when closing is ensured.

  • Great for opening tight bottle tops and door knobs.
  • Now, turning on stiff taps is a breeze. In addition, a tight seal when closing is ensured.
  • The Dycem non-slip bottle opener even works with those troublesome ‘push down and twist’ bottles!
  • Simple to use, they were awarded 10/10 in an independent survey by Yours Magazine.

The Dycem bottle opener is especially useful for people who have Arthritis or other forms of reduced grip that may make it difficult to open bottles and similar objects easily.
Our bottle openers are available in blue, silver and yellow.

The Dycem ‘Bottle Opener’ helps to make those simple but essential activities of daily living easier by increasing grip without the need for full strength or mobility of hand and wrist joints. This simple aid enables individual’s to overcome the motor skill difficulties they might be experiencing, thereby improving their occupational performance and promoting independence.
Anna Miller, Senior Occupational Therapist